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Yimin Zheng is a Chinese artist who currently lives and studies in Chicago.  She is a contemporary artist who works with kinetic sculpture,interactive installation. Her work focuses on the relationship between machines and human. In her work, many fantasies were became visualization through imaginary fictional narratives,machines are endowed with life, them become parts of the time and space of the Anthropocene.


● BFA China Academy of Art

   Zhejiang, China, Public Art, graduation 2015

●MFA  School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  Chicago, IL, Art and Technology Studies, graduation 2020



● The Launch Exhibition, Chicago 10.2020

● Altered Festival, Chicago 09.2020

● Ars Electronica Festival, Chicago 09.2020

● ATS 50 Years Exhibition, Chicago 04.2019

● Asia Design Management Forum& Ideal Life Fair, Hangzhou 11.2015

● International Creatineer Competition, Shanghai 06-08.2015

● Exhibition in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai 08.2015



● Altered Festival-Juror’s Choice Award, 10.2020

● OPPO Renovators Top 100, 07.2020

● New Artist Society Scholarship, 08.2019

● New Artist Society Scholarship, 08.2018

● International Creatineer competition "create division" honor (the top six), 08.2015

●Three works in formal language were collected by the Professional Basic Teaching department of China Academy of Art, 06.2012


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